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Golf is defined as a game outside on a special job is played using a golf ball and golf club that a Set of steel or titanium can be.

The golfer turn the ball in a series of holes in the fewest possible number of strokes. Each club that is used is specially designed for the Different Are needed for the golf ball from the tee into the hole. The hole is on the green at the end of each job, the fairway.

Each has its own fairway baanvorm and length, with increasingly different obstacles and hurdles. A wedstrijdbaan has eighteen holes. The golf begins with the exit from the tee with the golf club called the driver. Now you use different types of clubs: woods, irons and putter. Which club you always used depends on the situation on the Golf Course and da distance that you still must answer.

The woods are especially important for the long distance, for example, a precise pass from Bunker require irons as the pitching or sand wedge. Otherwise, the putter, which is specially made for the green, and is used to the golf ball in the hole ultimately saving.