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There ara three Hunting-grounds in Montenegro

Podgorica - middle part
In the area of Cemovsko field, Mareza and Bjelopavlicka plain is a hunting-ground famous for individual and more expensive hunts on wild ducks black moorhen, turtle-dove, quail, partridge, chukar and snipe. Abundance of food during the year and big surface of Skadar lake are excellent prerequisites for natural bringing up of hunting game. From the swamp type of birds we select wild ducks and moorhens. It should be mentioned that during the hunting season in these areas, number and types of ducks and numbes of animates grows considerately thanks to autumn migration of these birds from the north.

Montenegrian seashore
The Montenegrian seashore with it's territory of Ulcinj field, Sasko lake that streches all along the seashore, give big possibilities for hunting tourism. The area of Ulcinj field with big surface of salt factory is far away known for individual and group hunts on pheasants, wild ducks, black moorhens, quails and woodcocks. Woodcock and partridge chukar are the most attracting game of hunting tourism in this area.

Mountain region
Mountain region, clearings and meadows have created good conditions for the development of game in the region of Durmitor, Piva and other mountain regions. Mostly, there are doe, bear, boar, wolf, chamois, rabbit and big grouse. In the area Niksic field and Bjelopavlicka valley there are qualis, woodcoks and partridge chukar. during months of August and September, while you are having a rest on beautiful beaches of Budva's riviera we organise hunt on quails, turtle-doves, ducks in hunting-grounds Ulcinj and Skadar lake that are situated 50km from Budva.