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Packing for montenegro

Montenegro is a beautiful combination of hot beaches and cold mountains. And therefore packing for your trip to the country can seem like a bit of a nightmare. Do you pack for warm, cold or both? And which do you expect more than the other? There's no need to be confused. Just remember the list below:

Luggage - Make sure you don't fill up your entire suitcase/ bag, because you will want space saved for any purchases you make. Make sure it's small enough to fit in the car you'll be parking 4 less at the airport back home though. After all, you won't want to have to leave anything behind.

Clothing - You will need to pack for both eventualities. While the beach resorts will require the usual suspects: swimwear, shorts, t-shirts and sandals, there will be a requirement for colder weather clothing for when you take trips to the mountains etc. For example you'll need sturdy boots, maybe some trainers too, because the mountains can get quite slippery, dependent on how windy and chilly it gets. A sweater is a good idea too, or perhaps a hooded vest.

Outdoor gear - Be prepared with your outdoor gear, in case you go camping or to the beach. Rain tends to begin in early September despite the relative warmth, so factor this in if you travel at this time of year. An umbrella wouldn't be practical on a mountain side, so a waterproof would be a better choice.

Toiletries - You can buy all of the toiletries you need whilst out there: sun screen, medical products etc. However they may not be the brand you need, and you won't necessarily understand the language on the packaging. So you'd be better off packing yours from home.

Digital camera - You could rely on your phone to take pictures, but the views in Montenegro are so stunning, that you will want the pictures to be of an amazing quality. Go digital.