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Winter Sports

Winter is a collective term for all types of sports that are on ice or snow. So skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, biathlon, skating, bobsleigh, curling, ice hockey ga and so on.

Skiing is ride on snow or a kunstskibaan using one or more "planks", skis, which at the feet (shoes) are confirmed *. That sounds more complicated than it is. Actually it's just the two battens down a mountainside.

Snowboarding is a sport where you stand on a board with vastgemaakte shoes descends on a snowy mountainside or piste. The snowboarding was invented by a surfer, who thought you with a different kind of board like a wave of the mountain had to be. Actually there is only since the 70s. And you should see it now: it is hugely popular.

Cross-country skiing is a sort of glide and anticipate slats. Or put it another way, skating on cross country skis. These are longer and thinner than skis used in skiing. In addition to the skis do you need sticks to you to continue. There are two different ways to cross-country skiing. You have the classic style, where you essentially marketing with the skis, supported by the poles. You 'runs' than with the skis. The "free style" similar to the schaatstechniek; you get sideways with, or sometimes without, poles. Cross-country skiing you can do on a trail, which is called a track. In the classical technique that two tracks. For the free style ga you have made a smooth trail.

Biatlon is actually a kind of cross, which you must geweerschieten on a goal. At certain points on the trail the athlete must stop and shoot a goal. Do you target, that means you lose time, because usually there is an additional circle walked / geskate again for your mag.